close and convert with website design

Websites Built for Marketing Optimization

To increase revenue and grow your business, your website needs to do much more than simply exist, your website needs to perform. A website that performs, that is optimized for marketing, works on multiple levels at once to attract and then move visitors down the funnel.

Here's how a Good Human website performs for your business:

Attract Better

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Your website is your modern marketing hub. When your potential buyers land on your site, they form their all-important first impression in a matter of seconds. If your website doesn’t immediately attract and engage, you’ll lose out to competitors. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, website design is important. A professional, well-designed, visually pleasing website helps to start building trust and authority. Good user experience design keeps visitors on your site. Responsive design (mobile friendly) is a must.

But as online marketers, we want much more for your business. Beauty for us includes driving increased revenue to your business.

We create websites that drive sales by attracting more of the right visitors and delivering web content that nurtures at every stage, from strangers all the way through to buyers and promoters.

Some of the tactics we use for driving sales via your website:

  • High value, personalized content including video
  • On-page search engine optimization
  • Targeted calls to action
  • Landing pages with valuable offers and smart forms
  • Opportunities to delight