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Good Human social media marketing expands your reach and amps up your impact.

Modern businesses know they need to have a social media presence. Good Human turns your presence into a competitive edge.

Social Media Marketing with Good Human means your campaigns are

Get Socially Active

Why You Need Social Media Marketing

Some of the benefits of social media marketing are:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More leads generated
  • Wider brand recognition
  • Better search engine optimization
  • Improved customer insights
  • Expanded customer touchpoints
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Why You Need Good Human Social Media Marketing

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Authentic Connections: At Good Human, we’re all about creating the content that fosters human connection. That’s what makes or breaks social media marketing.

Data Informed: We love to create great connections between you and your customers. But, we’re also about the data. We use metrics from social analytics to optimize our efforts and show you ROI.

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Highest Impact: Using our buyer persona research, we prioritize your social media marketing campaigns to maximize your social ROI. At Good Human when we talk about highest impact, we mean two things:

Prioritize engagement. We find the best social platforms (think Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram) for your investment through data-driven research and analysis.

Social SEO. Social counts in search engine results. A strong social presence, and links to content on your website can mean that your social channels help you rank higher on the Google search results page.

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Find Insights, Create Promoters: Good Human monitors all of your social streams to gain customer insights, communicate on an individualized level, and look for opportunities to delight potential promoters of your brand.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Growth Strategy: Analyze, Understand, Optimize

With Hubspot’s social analytics tool, we provide insight into how your social strategies are performing, and how they are furthering your business goals. We track the impact of our messaging, compare platforms, evaluate reach, and look at social ROI. Everything we do is measured and evaluated so we can see where we’re doing well, and where we can optimize.

To inform optimization efforts we look at:

  • Best time frames to post for your audience
  • Review how followers reacted to posts
  • Learn what messaging is most successful in bringing in new followers
  • Compare Social Platforms (i.e. Facebook, or Twitter, or Linkedin etc.)
  • Report on all social messages by campaign
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Content Strategy: Cultivate Then Harvest

You can’t harvest what you haven’t grown. That’s why our content strategy is about developing and growing relationships first. We tend to run our social content strategy on a 7:1 cycle. To cultivate your following we post approximately seven articles that your readers will find highly valuable. Posts could be educational or entertaining as long as they align with your brand and culture. After that seventh post, we’ll publish one that goes for the conversion with a call to action that looks to turn readers into leads.

Still wondering if social media marketing is for you?

Simply put, social media marketing is central to growing your business in our modern digital economy.

If you think of social media marketing in political terms, it’s all about growing your loyal base that will share your information with friends and family and vote for you at election time. Social media marketing helps you win. Here’s how:

Get Found

In a lot of ways, social and search are now two sides of the same coin. Social media helps your content get discovered, helps with organic link building, and can help your brand get seen in Google’s search results. Think of social as part of your holistic strategy to get your content and your business found.

Create Authentic Relationships, Grow Promoters

At Good Human, we’re about creating authentic connections with members of your audience. And social media is one of the best ways to create real, personal, sharable interactions. It is authentic relationships that build a loyal, committed base, and help turn customers into promoters.

Expand Reach

When we cultivate relationships and offer reliable, valuable content, sharing happens. When your followers share your content with friends and family, your website gets more traffic, brand exposure is increased, and your authority grows. That vote of confidence from friends and family is very influential in the consumer decision making process.

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