Strategy First

Digital Marketing Strategy

When you work with experienced digital marketers, you can expect to get a work plan that outlines the many aspects of inbound marketing.

With Good Human, we go beyond orchestrating inbound tactics. We drive revenue growth by strategically working the full funnel and beyond:

Strategy First

To realize success with inbound marketing you need a strategic digital marketing plan.

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Inbound marketing comprises a wide spectrum of tactics from blogging to email marketing; SEO to social media. Tactics alone don’t set you up for success.

Think of your favorite pro sports team. They’ll position for the win with a detailed game plan based on understanding their own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of their opponent.

As professionals, we do the same thing for you with our digital marketing plan, Strategy First:

  • Develop a deep understanding of your unique business and the challenges you face.
  • Create a custom strategic plan that will:
    • attract more of the right kind of visitors
    • convert more leads
    • close more business
    • create more passionate promoters

We don't rest until your website is a finely-tuned, always-on engine for driving more revenue to your business.

Attract, Convert, Close, Delight.
Then Analyze and Optimize.

There’s a lot of competition for attention in the digital world we all inhabit. That’s why our Strategy First plan goes beyond orchestrating tactics. Here's how Stragey First digital marketing works the full funnel and then some.

Attract with Valuable Content and Strong SEO

We create professional content — blog, email, video, educational and more — that appeals to your ideal customer and sets you apart from your competition. Great content combined with our expert SEO services is a potent mix that pulls in new customers for your business.

Convert With Targeted Content

We optimize your conversion process by offering content that matches your visitors' needs wherever they are in their buyer's journey.

Close Smarter

Hubspot technology helps you close more business, more easily. We use real-time marketing data to help your business:

Delight To Create Passionate Promoters

Create unexpected happiness in your best customers, and turn then into enthusiastic promoters.

Keep More Of Your Current Customers

Nurture loyalty and bake-in retention initiatives to maximize revenue.

Analyze and Optimize

We plan for change. Once our Strategy First plan is implemented, we don’t pat ourselves on the back. We look at the analytics. Interpreting the data, testing results, and improving is all part of our process. Another GoodHuman Digital mantra: analyze and optimize in order to maximize conversions and revenue.

Play To Win With Marketing Convergence

Marketing Convergence is our term for how to best attract more website visitors in today’s hyper-competitive digital world.

What has largely been thought of as separate pursuits in digital marketing: SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing are now best thought of as one overarching synergistic strategy with the singular goal of attracting more new visitors to your website.

marketing convergence

Each of these disciplines — SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing — work together to help you get found. A few examples:

Bottom line: if you want to be competitive, it is counterproductive to think in terms of digital marketing silos. That’s why at Good Human, we think in terms of Marketing Convergence. Everything we do to attract new visitors to your site is thought of holistically. This is how we help you play to win.