Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Our buyer personas lay the groundwork for creating marketing your ideal buyers will love.

With Good Human buyer personas, we take the guesswork out of understanding your buyers’ needs and motivations. But that’s not enough. To rise above the fray, we use our buyer persona research to build a human connection throughout the buyer’s journey that’s authentic and personalized, creating fertile ground for the purchase today, and loyalty into the future.

With Good Human buyer personas we’ll:

  • Develop deep understanding of your ideal customers
  • Create targeted messaging
  • Increase marketing efficiency and ROI
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Optimize alignment with sales
  • Spur discovery of new business growth strategies

Buyer Persona Development

For real success, modern marketing must connect on an authentic, individualized level.

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One of the most important steps in developing your marketing strategy is to understand who your best customers are and why. What problems or pain points can we solve for them? What are their motivations, where do they go for news, to socialize online? Our research builds deep understanding of your best customers.

Why go to the trouble? Why not market to demographic groups? We market to individual people rather than broad demographics to personalize messaging and show that we understand and empathize. This in turn helps build an emotional bond that flows back in terms of increased conversions, sales, and loyalty.

We write in-depth buyer personas that tell us the human story around which we shape our marketing story. Everything we do springs from this personal understanding.