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Analyze to Optimize Digital Marketing

To optimize your digital marketing performance, you have to know what's working and what's not across all campaigns.

That's where Good Human 360° Analytics shines — by showing you both the meaningful, full-spectrum metrics and how to get the results that will make you smile.

Good Human 360° Analytics

What is 360° Analytics? At Good Human we want you to know the full picture. So, we approach analytics holistically. That's why we gather data from a wider array of sources than most digital agencies.

We want to not only know how people are interacting with your site, but also what they are missing and why. Our analytics resources and technologies include:

  • Google analytics
  • Hubspot tracking and reporting
  • A/B testing
  • User interaction tracking

Of course we love data — our mantra is “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring”. Data is important, but it can also overwhelm, and taken at face value it can mislead. That’s why we we focus on metrics that show how your site is doing in terms of marketing optimization, KPIs, and ROI.

With this insight, we help you find opportunities to

  • Increase engagment
  • Optimize your conversion rates
  • Improve your SEO.

It's the data from our 360° Analytics that will help you grow revenue, and compete better.

The Good Human Clear Reporting Promise

Our promise to you: reports that give you actionable information, clearly and succinctly. We evaluate and report on the data that matters most to your success. Our 360° Analytics Report shows progress we’ve made, allows you to quickly understand the meaning behind the data, and outlines next steps for optimizing your website marketing performance.

Good Human Analytics Tools and Testing


Google Analytics and Hubspot offer different and complementary analytics services. We use a variety of metrics from each in our 360° Analytics review. While our focus changes given the needs and goals of each client, here are a few of the many ways we commonly use each service:

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Hubspot Analytics

Marketing-specific analytics such as

  • Insight regarding individuals and their stage in the buyer's journey
  • Metrics evaluating contact database and marketing content
  • Marketing channel analytics for landing pages, emails, and CTAs
  • Closed loop reporting

Google Analytics

Website use, search engine optimization, and performance data such as

  • How visitors arrive at your site
  • How they interact with different elements on your site
  • Page load speed
  • Custom event tracking such as video plays

User Tracking

This technology allows us to easily and quickly visualize exactly how visitors are using your site, and in particular, where they are not clicking. This allows us to discover what Google and Hubspot analytics are not telling us: when and why visitors are not converting. Understanding why visitors are leaving, or where they are getting frustrated, allows us to address the problem areas with data-backed solutions.

Our user tracking technology includes:

  • Heat Map — Where people click on your pages
  • Scroll Map — Shows how far people scroll down, where they abandon
  • Overlay Report — See the number of clicks on each element on the page
  • Confetti — Shows all clicks segmented by referral source, search terms, and more
Hubspot and Google Analytics illustration of user experience

A/B Testing

Wherever there's a conversion opportunity on your site, we can A/B test it and optimize accordingly. A/B testing gives us quantitative data that takes the guesswork out of conversion optimization and translates into more visitors, leads, and revenue.

Hubspot and Google Analytics illustration of AB Testing