About Good Human Digital

We're a modern inbound marketing agency offering a full spectrum of strategic services and powerful marketing technologies.

We're guides, relationship builders, technologists.

Our passion: creating a powerful digital presence that drives your business forward.

Magical Tour Guides?

Good Human Digital specializes in inbound marketing, SEO and buyer's journey

We are kind of like magical tour guides.

  • We help people find you before they know you exist.
  • We anticipate all of their questions.
  • We guide them on their buyer's journey, preparing them to purchase from you.
  • We love to lead the way.

"Two-thirds of the decisions customers make are informed by the quality of their experiences all along their journey."
— McKinsey & Company, June 2014

Good Human Digital raises the bar on quality across the buyer's journey.

How are we like magical tour guides raising the bar on the buyer's journey?

Technology, Content, Data builds relationships

Potent Elixer

We mix up a potent elixir of technology, content, and data that builds relationships, connects people to your company, and creates interest and even passion for your products or services.

Attract Better

Hubspot Partner

Good Human is a Hubspot partner, which means we not only run our campaigns with the most comprehensive marketing platform available, we have the support of a great company behind us.

Connect & Convert

One Goal

Good Human and Hubspot together have one ultimate goal: to help you grow your business the inbound way by finding you new customers, delighting them, and turn them into your best promoters.

How do we help you grow your business the inbound way when we're living in an age of information overload and overwhelming choices?

Close the Sale

Changing Relationship

Our process is guided by understanding the changing landscape of consumers' relationship to information and even to email. All along the buyer's journey, Good Human presents information in a simple, quick to digest, and easy to understand format.

Measure Success


We keep it authentic, personal, and authoritative. Most importantly, we create experiences that your best potential buyers value highly.

Create Promoters

Always Optimize

Good Human is huge on search engine optimization — on page and off. And we continuously optimize strategy and execution by peering into our magical crystal ball: the integrated data and analytics provided by Hubspot tracking and analytics.

Where We're From & Why We're Here


Start with long experience in content & digital

For Good Human Digital founder Bruce Alfred, it’s always been about the power of content to attract and engage. He began his career bringing in millions of viewers as a documentary producer, writer, and director for PBS and A&E Television. In the 1990s he worked at one of the groundbreaking website development companies in New York City.


Add the power of attraction

Over the years, Bruce went all-in on the power of the web to attract through video and content, user-friendly website design, social media, and search engine optimization. Since 2010, his companies, Cobblestone and now Good Human Digital, have focused on using these online marketing strategies to help businesses bring in new visitors, convert more leads, and increase revenue.


Synergy happens

In the fall of 2014, Bruce put it all together with Good Human Digital, creating an inbound marketing agency and partnering with Hubspot. With Hubspot, Good Human Digital has an even bigger toolkit for client campaigns with lead nurturing, marketing automation, CRM integration for closed loop reporting, and state of the art analytics for detailed campaign reporting and to show ROI.


Reason for being

Good Human is here to help you grow your business by turning your social media & your website into the hub of an always-on supercharged digital marketing machine. Or, to put it another way, we’re here to bring increasing revenue to your business by attracting more visitors, developing and nurturing more leads, helping your team make more sales, and reducing your cost of acquisition.


Where We’re Going

We don’t stand still. One of our mantras is "research, test, innovate" (rinse and repeat). We’re always looking for ways to better connect with your current and future customers to keep you at least one step ahead of your competition. Why do we put in the extra hours it takes to innovate and move forward? Because we like to win at least as much as you do.


Fun Fact: Bruce was a producer for Ken Burns on the 18 1/2 hour PBS history of baseball.


It All Adds Up To Inbound Marketing

Ten words that are guiding our process today:

Words that are guiding the Good Human Digital process today: Simplicity, Value, Proactive, Knowledge, Emotion, Evolve, Authenticity, Experience, Support, Trust Good Human Digital Inbound Marketing Mug
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