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The world of marketing & SEO has changed.

Where there’s change, there’s opportunity. Good Human helps you seize the moment and beat the competition.

A modern digital marketing agency, Good Human brings you more leads, converts more customers, and generates more revenue.

We're a data driven and results oriented inbound marketing firm specializing in:

Don't Get Ignored.

Get Found.

The old ways of marketing just aren’t effective in our modern, proactive, research-driven world where online search dominates.

Today’s consumers ignore what’s thrown at them whether it's direct mail, commercials, or telemarketers.

Instead, a buyer’s journey starts with a search for both valuable information and a personal connection with a brand.

With inbound marketing by Good Human you’ll be in the right place at the right time to deliver the information and create the bond that funnels the buyer to your business and products.

But wait, there’s more! Good Human’s inbound marketing is built to deliver higher ROI at a lower cost of acquisition.

Strategy First

Strategy First

Because inbound marketing encompasses dozens of tactics, strategic planning and accurate buyer insight are key to success.

Attract Better

Attract Better

Increase site traffic with Marketing Convergence by Good Human. Marketing Convergence brings a potent mix of modern SEO, content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing to move more visitors to the top of your funnel every day.

Connect & Convert

Connect & Convert

Good Human develops and redesigns websites that aren’t just beautiful, they’re optimized for marketing. Valuable content captures and holds attention. Then we convert leads with targeted landing pages, smart forms, smart calls-to-action, and engaging video.

Close the Sale

Close the Sale

Turn more leads into customers. Good Human grows contact lists and nurtures leads with personalized content and marketing automation. We can keep your sales team in the know via real-time information updates so they'll be poised to close the sale when our data points to buyer readiness.

Measure Success

Measure Success

You get actionable data with Good Human 360° Analytics. We provide full-spectrum analytics, user tracking, and A/B testing. Your 360° Analytics Report provides important data and clear interpretation — information we use to optimize your website for stellar marketing performance.

Create Promoters

Loyalty, Promoters, and Retention

Grow revenue by keeping more of your current customers, and getting the most effective form of advertising — personal recommendations. Good Human helps you cultivate loyalty, create promoters, and retain more of your current customer base.

Carolyn Piepho

Carolyn Piepho – Director of Development & Communications, Seasons Hospice

“Good Human has done great work for us. The numbers speak volumes: 182% increase in visitors over the first three quarters of this year, and 193% increase in traffic coming from organic search. Good Human's content work and search engine optimization have made a huge difference. To top it off, Good Human is wonderful to partner with — friendly, responsive, smart, and strategic.”